Maze of Virgo

Golden galaxy Virgo maze

Maze of the Golden Virgo | Find the Virgo Maze Solved here.

The positive energy that oozes from the online casino is also felt when reading a horoscope or zodiac chart. In fact the reading of astrology charts and horoscopes is very beneficial for online casino players who can learn a lot from the charts and the readings of the stars. The information given is all about how the person behaves, will behave, how his luck will be and if he can increase his fortune. There is no cut and dry answer for any of this but there are some definite pointers gained from reading the stars that can help a person make decisions when playing online casino games. The decisions cover every aspect of the gaming from making a decision about which casino to play at, whether to play at a mobile ipad casino or a downloadable online casino. The astrology charts can indicate to a player who understands, that card games are better at that particular time than slot games. The cards can indicate to the player that he should concentrate only on small bets and not take a chance with a large value bet. The power of decision making is great and also very scary for some but with the help of some advice from an astrologer, the player can make the right decisions that may lead him to better results at the casino and in life in general.

Leo Maze Drawing


Maze of the Leo and The Supernova | Maze Solved HERE

The Hindu religion has many writings on astrology and many of the followers look to the stars in order to make decisions on almost everything in their lives. The Hindu’s believe that there are different houses in the sky and each house serves a different purpose and the houses move around according to the birth dates and other factors of each person. The 2nd house is thought to be all about money, the 5th house is thought to be all about good deeds, the 8th house is thought to be all about unearned wealth, the 9th house is thought to be about luck and the 11th house is thought to be the house of gains. Taking all these houses into consideration is how many people lead their lives and this practice has been adopted by many other cultures and races. In fact many online casino players turn to the stars and their astrology charts to determine not only what games to play but how to play these games whether they are placing real money bets or playing the games for fun, whether they choose to play slots or whether they choose to play table games, whether they choose to place large bets or whether they choose to place small bets and increase the value of their bets as their winnings come in. All these decisions and considerations are helped along by many online casino and ipad casino players reading their zodiac charts and working out where their luck stands and what they can do to help achieve the best results.

Maze of the Scorpio


Black hole sun Scorpio Maze | Maze Solved

Here is a fun way to add even more excitement to your next round of online casino games. Play a round of games and see how you do that day. When you finish playing, go to the astrology chart and see what it says about your sign and your luck that day. Did it match with how you actually did? Continue to do this for a week. Each day, you can play online casino games or ipad casino games. See how you do, and then go to the astrology charts and see what the zodiac has to say about you. You may be surprised to see just how accurate the astrology charts are about your online casino playing and how much their predictions match up with your game playing. Then, you may find yourself turning to the stars often before you even play to see what direction you should go in and what kinds of chances you should take on a given day. All of this is a fun way to enjoy yourself at the online casino games and to check out how much validity there appears to be in the stars and in your sign. Have fun doing this today.

Aries Maze Art


Black and White Maze of the Aries Symbol | Maze Solved HERE

Does your zodiac hold the key to your online casino success? Some gamblers may express scepticism but many people find that they play at their best when they have astrological advice to guide them as they embark on a casino event. According to astrologists each individual is associated with a specific sign of the zodiac. Zodiac signs are based on your birth date. If you know the time of your birth astrologists can often narrow down their predictions for your gaming success even further. An astrologist examines your birth information and correlates that data to the movements of the stars and planets. Based on which “house” these celestial beings will be positioned at a specific time and date the astrologist can offer you advice on various aspects of your gaming activities. This may include suggestions on when to play, what kind of stakes to wager (low or high), which games to play (games that involve both skill and luck or games of pure luck) and more. There are different categories of astrology so you’ll need to decide which astrological tradition is right for you. Popular styles of astrology include Hindu astrology, Native American astrology, Eastern and Asian astrology, Judeo-Christian astrology and African astrology. In general most astrological traditions divide the zodiac into 12 houses. Each House represents a different sphere of life — personal life, physical surroundings and experiences. After an astrologist delineates the placement of the planet in relation to the zodiac sign the indicated house will determine, to a large extend, the goals and activities on which it will focus and the area of life in which it functions. Professional astrologists conduct such readings as they examine the second, sixth, ninth or twelfth houses which are generally associated with games and winning. The astrologist then reviews these relationships with your zodiac sign and other aspects of your personality. For instance, an astrologist might advise an Aries to hold off on gaming activities during a specific time or suggest to an Aquarian that he should stick to games of luck during a time of the week in which he may be more likely to enjoy a lucky streak. Mobile ipad casino gamers are particularly in need of such guidance because the ipad tablet’s connectivity and portability encourage users to sign into the casino to at any time of the day or night, from any location. Knowing where and when play is particularly important in such cases.