Dizzy Roulette Maze


Maze of the Dizzy Roulette Spin | Click image to view MAZE SOLUTION

When evaluating which of the new iPad pokies games to play, one factor that is often overlooked is the audio component of these online pokies. All games have a sound track, and on the iPad’s state of the art sound reproduction technology, it seems a shame to not have the option for sound turned off. Some of them provide the realistic crowd noise of a casino game. Others have the organ like sound so common to a pokies game. Still others have sound that supports the theme of the game. Since the themes can be anything, the sound can be really crazy. This is several generations beyond the old beeps and clicks that used to be all that these games offered. Although with the iPad, there are some who shut the game sounds off and instead listen to their favorite music. Don’t forget, the iPad is a state of the art MP3 player as well as an amazing platform for videos, books, games, and other apps. Finally, there are occasions when you do not want others to know that you are playing these games. This is a good reason to go into silent mode. Sure you will lose some of the game experience. But you will still have fun and can maintain your privacy, which can be worth it.