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Earworm Maze and Musical Coloring Page

The Earworm Maze

Music about ear worm and having music stuck in your head. SOLUTION HERE

Maze books can be found all over the place and it’s amazing that whichever ones you pick up there’s always something which catches the eye and is fun to get yourself through. That’s because solving mazes is an activity which after completed means you entered into something, found your way out and when doing this numerous times over and over you always feel like you accomplished a goal because there’s always a way out. What other activity than a maze could be better than one which provides a challenge which is always attainable. It’s a carefree exercise kind of like coloring. There’s no pressure and you can just swish the colors whichever way you want in order to make something totally out there and it does not matter what it looks like. There’s a start and maybe there is an end but you always come out on top making mazes and coloring for ear worm maze coloring pageadults some great ways to let off some steam and recharge. In fact, there is an idea that both of these can be fruitful in another way entirely and it revolves around playing games at the top online casinos, particularly the best Microgaming casinos which provide non-stop fun and excitement to those seeking a break from the norm and a conduit into something extravagant right from the comforts of your own home. Yes, solving mazes and coloring on a regular basis prior to signing on to play at top casinos might just be two ways you can improve your chances at the games and tackle the genre with a open mind, grounded heart, and a whole lot of patience. This theory has not been proven but some things in life you just have to try out to see if they work and if you are set on getting into the online casino gambling industry this might be luck poemsomething you’ll want to take upon yourself and exercise your right to see what may happen. The fact that both solving maze art and doing something creative like coloring get us in a different state of mind is one of the main reasons they may be  potentially useful in this venture. The need for a level headed approach to playing online casino games where your luck is either pulling you by the collar up to the sky or dragging you around until there’s a change in karma is important. You never know what will be and so if you are planning to play the real money lessons you need an approach that will work for you. This is especially true when it comes to playing at the Microgaming casinos you’ll want to sign up with because when you become a new user you’ll be eligible for the special no deposit bonus and a hoard of free spins which you’ll be able to use in your favor. Add that to the special matching bonuses new users receive and you’ll be surprised at how much potential there is to change your life.

Earworm Maze Solution GIF

Solved Maze Animation

Elk Maze for Online Casino

Online casino elk maze

Click on the ELK MAZE to view the solution

Rainy days are for indoors but that does not mean they are for boring activities. There are lots of different things that can be done on a rainy day from the comfort of the living room sitting or lying on a very comfortable couch and especially with a laptop in hand. Playing online casino games while cuddling a cat is the ultimate activity for a rainy day providing fun, entertainment and lots of chances to win in a coloring for grown ups elk for online casinocomfortable and cozy setting especially with the cat cuddled up close. Even before playing online casino games the player can get ready by enjoying some soothing games and activities on his comfortable couch looking out at the wet garden and surroundings. Solving the online mazes or just enjoying the coloring for grown ups give the player a totally tranquil feeling, one that gets him ready for his online casino games in the best way possible. Playing online casino games can be very stressful but when starting the games in a relaxed mode the player is more likely to get more out the games, enjoy himself more and he may even get better results. Whoever says rainy days are boring hasn’t experienced the fun and calmness of the coloring for grown ups or the enjoyment and thrills of the online casino games.

Op Art Online Casino Maze of Focus Crystals

1Q9X9J3K online casino maze of focus

1Q9X9J3K – The Maze of Focus for online casino – CLICK MAZE TO SOLVE

It seems crazy that it is even possible to get bored, when we live in a modern world full of so many people, places, and things that are always fighting for our attention. When we get too overloaded with all different kinds of stimulation, our brains fight back, ignore everything, and then we are struck with one of the worst mental states there is: utter boredom. How can we cure this affliction? Coloring for grown ups is just what the doctor ordered. Filling in coloring pages for adults is the perfect cure because it is an activity that is simple, not overwhelming at all, but still requires some mental focus and stamina. You probably loved coloring as a young child – well, get ready to rediscover that love! When you focus all your attention on coloring (and maybe play some soothing music playing in the background), it is as if you are pressing the reset button on your brain. Another great way to press that button is to play some casino games at an online Play Online Casino Bannercasino. This activity will also let your exercise your mental power, but not in an overly stimulating way, while you have a great time. Unlike coloring, however, you can actually receive online casino real money when you play these games. Making money, relieving boredom, and having fun all at the same time – what could be better? Check out an online casino today and kick your boredom to the curb for good!

Ninja Star Maze

Maze of a ninja star for real money online casino

Real Money Online Casino Ninja Star Maze  – SCAN QR CODE FOR SOLUTION

When you work on a maze you enjoy multiple benefits. You learn to Ninja Cat in pool table for real money online casinotake note of environmental cues, enhance your concentration skills, strengthen eye-hand coordination, decode ambiguous spatial environmental cues, build the dopamine and serotonin “feel good” levels in your brain, enhance problem solving skills and build up your confidence. If you add maze solving into your daily schedule you’ll be able to apply the skills that you develop towards other areas of your life. Online casino real money gamers need to develop these types of skills as well as those that come from looking at funny GIFs and cat memes to enjoy a more rewarding gambling experience.

Maze of Triumph for Mobile Casino

Mobile Casino Triumph Maze by Mazeratti

Maze by Mazeratti of a Triumph move | SOLUTION TO MAZE HERE

If you’re in a cuddly mood, as many of us are at times, then there are some great ways that you can sit on the couch and cuddle with your mobile casino for real money bannercat. Of course, you can do this anytime, but most people think they need to be doing something else to justify that cuddle time. No problem. Here are many activities that will allow you to cuddle up with your cat while still keeping yourself busy. First of all, you can solve mazes. If you look online today you’ll find an amazing array of maze art, each more special than the next. You’ll have a blast curled up with your cat while you do this maze art and you can even print many of these out and do them on paper. Another great idea, while you enjoy your cat, is to play mobile casino games. These games offer great graphics and amazing sound effects. They are fun anytime of the day or night and they really offer the player a way to get something out of their time while they are relaxing and curling up with their animals. These are all great ways to pass the time during the day or night.

High Five Maze, Crazy Cats and Mobile Casino gaming

High 5 Maze for Mobile Casino

Maze of High Five for Mobile Casino

Maze of Mobile Casino page of High Five | Don’t Leave Me Hangin’  | Maze’s Solution

Mobile Casino on your iPhone or Tablet?

Magazine Cover Spoof of Steve Jobs for Mobile Casino

Mobile Casino Spoofs Steve Jobs (Caricature and Parody)

Many people believe that cats are nocturnal creatures that just like to be active at night. These people are wrong. Cats just like to be loved and in return are able to offer much more than love and affection to their owners, they also offer loyalty and constant companionship while also keeping the owner focused on what he is doing. The cats are known to be lucky creatures and can also transfer their luck to their owners; these are just some of the reasons why mobile casino players clean up on aisle 6 cat meme for mobile casino pagelike to keep their cats close by when playing at the mobile casino. Even before starting to play mobile casino games, the player can prepare for the games with his cat by his side. One of the best preparations for mobile casino play is to solve a maze or puzzle. Yanito Freminoshi is the creator of some of the most incredible online mazes that have ever been published. These mazes are free to download, print or just view online and the player can even access them through his mobile device. Each and every maze offers something different with a different theme or subject and a different approach. The mazes are black and white or color, the majority being black and white. By solving a maze prior to getting comfortable with a cat and playing mobile casino games, the player is able to stretch his brain and also become familiar with the different controls and instructions that are used on the mobile devices.
cat protects meme for mobile casinos

Mobile Casino Players prefer a cat and maze before they gamble

New players to the mobile casino are welcomed with a generous sign up bonus offer that matches the first real money deposits made by the player at the casino. But before the player even starts to think about the sign up bonus and how best to make use of it he needs to get comfortable and make sure he is familiar enough with all of the systems of the mobile casino. The player should make sure he is aware how to instruct the different options at the mobile casino, there is no mouse; everything is done with touch and swipe so the best way to do this is practice. Yanito Freminoshi may not have been thinking about mobile casinos when he first started creating his mazes and may not have realized how beneficial they are for mobile Mechanic Cat Meme for mobile casinocasino players. The maze art created by Freminoshi is a great way for the player to familiarize himself with how a mobile casino works, get used to sort of playing games and just basically get his mind active and ready. There are hundreds of free mazes available that can be downloaded or accessed through the mobile devices, printed or just viewed online. These mazes offer the player practice in using the different controls of the mobile device together with pure simple fun. Another way to add to this preparation for playing the real money mobile games is to have a cat or cats close by. The cat is a warm and loving creature that offers constant warmth and love to its owners at the same time as keeping the owner focused on what he is doing and as many cultures also believe, offering luck to the player.

Maze of Mobile Casino Games, just cat be this hard!

Playing mobile casino games has to be one of the most exciting and easy activities that there is today. The player does not need to get up from what he is doing, he does not even have to get dressed he can lie in bed and enjoy his mobile device and all that it offers or he can sit comfortably on the couch petting his cat and enjoying the warmth of his funny cats little body as he chooses one of the mobile casino games. Each and every game at the mobile casino is free to play; the cat computer meme for mobile casino - wifi jokegame can be previewed online or at the mobile casino itself where the player can try out the game for fun and practice before placing real money bets. Only the progressive games cannot be tried out for fun because they are linked to other casinos offering the same games. New players to the mobile casino receive all sorts of benefits including a very generous sign up bonus offer that can be used towards the player’s first real money deposits at the casino. But before the player even starts with the mobile casino he should try his luck at one of the many different online mazes that are available. There are huge numbers of different mazes offered for online and mobile platforms. These mazes are free to download and free to try out; the most popular mazes are created by a Japanese maze art genius called Yanito Freminoshi who comes from a small village outside of Tokyo. Freminoshi has created hundreds of different mazes that are all unique and apart from being challenging puzzles are also incredible works of art. The mazes offer a healthy and easy way to prepare for mobile casino gaming in a safe and enjoyable environment just like the mobile casino games themselves.

High Five Maze Solution for Mobile Casino

Mobile casino high 5 maze solved

Maze of a Camel

camel maze for mobile casino

Maze artwork of a Camel in the Desert | 2015 Yanito Freminoshi | Maze’s Solution

It’s never too early in the day to start working your brain and thinking about things. And with the maze art from Yanito Freminoshi, you can really enjoy this chance. These mazes have no rights reserved and they are part of the Free Mazes Project. And this means that they can be used by anyone at any time. He has made thousands of these works and they are so lovely and intricate in pattern that some of them have even been displayed in museums and galleries.

Mic Drop Stand Up Comedian Maze

maze of standup comedian on the mic by Mobile Casino

Maze’s Solution Here | Maze of Stand Up on the Mic, By Yanito Freminoshi

cat DJ on the MICNew games are added to the Canadian mobile casino on a regular basis. Players can review the new games at the casino or at the online version of the mobile casino. Whether playing new mobile casino games or one of the older established well known mobile casino games it is a good idea to get ready for the different games by solving some mazes online. There are many different levels of mazes and also different styles. Each player can mobile casino cat meme of NO COMMENTchoose a maze that suits their level and as they improve, they can also opt for harder options just like with the mobile casino games where the player starts betting more and more as the gains confidence in the game he is playing. Mazes online are free so there is no concern re money in this case. Another great way to enjoy the mobile casino games and get the most out of them is to play them howie mandel cat meme (Mobile Casino page)with a cat close by or on the players lap. The cat is harmless and does not take up any room. He offers love and warmth and also great company to the mobile casino player who can choose where he wants to sit and how he wants to play the games or solve the mazes. The cat does not get in the way and he does not interfere with the results of the game since all of the mobile casino games are based on luck but having a cat close by can bring the player additional luck and definitely more confidence together with the benefits of company and love that it oozes.

Gambling Monkeys and Online Casino Fun


Researchers have certainly taken a look at just about every human craving and function, but it’s fascinating to see the insights they can garner by looking at activity in monkeys. As most people realize, monkeys are highly intelligent beings and the patterns that they create and the ways that they interact can say a great deal about human behavior and the ways that humans face certain situations. Many people have seen videos in which monkeys are able to think for themselves, devise plans and help out in situations where their assistance is needed. So, too, do they approach money, gambling and social interactions in ways that can be insightful for the look at human behavior. Here, we highlight a number of such studies that shed light on how monkeys see risk taking and gambling and how they interact with other creatures with their human-like qualities.

Monkeys Acting Like Humans

monkey moon shot maze

Maze of monkey moon rocket launch | MAZE  SOLVED HERE

There are many examples that show how closely monkeys and apes can act to humans and how intelligent they really are. In one video seen on YouTube, tourists exploring the Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali in Indonesia found a monkey that had adopted a kitten. He was treating the cats in exactly the same way as you would expect his to treat his baby, or as you would expect a mother to treat her young. In another video in the same park, monkeys watch a cat fight. When the fighting between the cats gets too intense, they actually break up the fight just as humans who care about others would do. In another video, a baby chick is drowning in the water and an orangutan figures out how to save the baby from the water and how to take care of it.  All of these examples, and there are many many more like them, show how much monkeys can act like humans. There are so many videos that show monkeys caring for cats and worrying about other animals. They are shown in many situations to have empathy and to react and interact in a similar way that humans would under similar circumstances.

The Desire for Risk

In one study, conducted by Duke University Medical Center neurologist Michael Platt and Allison McCoy, male rhesus macaque monkeys were shown two lights. One of the lights was considered a safe light which would give the monkeys the exact same amount of monkey art of jedi monkey smpl81446juice each time that they chose that one. If they looked at the risky light instead, they would get a varying amount of juice each time with no pattern. Sometimes they would get a lot of juice and sometimes they would get only a little bit. Surprisingly, the monkeys were found to enjoy gambling, even if the average amount of juice that they received was less than if they had chosen the safe light. As Platt explained, “There was no rational reason why monkeys might prefer one of these options over the other because, according to the theory of expected value, they’re identical.”

The researchers then made sure that the payback for the risky light was consistently less than the safe one. Surprisingly, they still found that the monkeys went for the risky light. As Platt explained, “Basically these monkeys really liked to gamble.” Their findings in the journal Nature Neuroscience shed fascinating light on how monkeys approached the idea of gambling and what this might say for online casino playing and gambling in people. As Platt explained, when comparing the monkey behavior to pokies and other gaming, “It seemed very, very similar to the experience of people who are compulsive gamblers…it seemed as if these monkeys got a high out of getting a big reward that obliterated any memory of all the losses that they would experience following that big reward. They even wired electrodes into a part of the monkey’s brains that, in both humans and monkeys, is known to process information on rewards. They found that, as they increased the riskiness in the risky light, the neurons’ activity would go up. They hope that their work can shed light on pathological gambling, the obsessive compulsive disorders that some people have and even on depression.

Gambling Patterns?

In another study, researchers wanted to see if people believe in smpl81446 monkey JDpatterns in gambling, even when they don’t exist. Three researchers looked at this question including Benjamin Hayden, Tommy Blanchard and Andreas Wilke. They published their findings in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Learning and Cognition. Their plan was that the monkeys would decide between right and left and then receive a reward if they picked the correct answer. There were three types of play that they had to participate in, two with clear patterns so that the correct answer would repeat and the third that was random. The researchers had to make sure that the activity was interesting enough for the animals to want to play. As Blanchard explained, “Luckily, monkeys love to gamble.”

Monkey Results: Everyone Loves Patterns

The three rhesus monkeys could easily find the sequence when there was one in the game. The real question, however, was to see what would happen with the random task. The choices that the monkeys made were very surprising. They continued to expect a streak even when there clearly wasn’t one, favoring one side over the other. This continued even when it was very clear that there was no pattern to be found. This is called the hot-hand bias and it continued with an average of 1244 trails for each condition. Blanchard explained what they saw, ‘They had lots and lots of opportunities to get over this bias, to learn and change, and yet they continued to show the same tendency.” There are many thoughts about why they tried to see patterns where there weren’t necessarily any. One idea is that in the distribution of food in the wild animals need to act this way. If they see beetles under a log, for instance, then they will assume that they can come back to this location and find food there again.

How the Hot-Hand Bias Relates to Humans

Co-author Benjamin Hayden said another idea. He said that,  “We have this incredible drive to see patterns in the world, and we also meme of cat n monkey purging bad luck smpl81446have this incredible drive to learn. I think it’s very related to why we like music, and why we like to do crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and things like that. If there’s a pattern there, we’re on top of it. And if there may or may not be a pattern there, that’s even more interesting.” This inborn desire to see patterns certainly relates to how humans play pokies and approach gambling. We often believe that there are patterns in our gaming when no such patterns may actually exist. Hayden explained that the hot-hand bias can help psychologists and psychiatrists to make treatment plans for gambling addiction and to provide insight for investors and financial planners. As Hayden explained, “If a belief in winning streaks is hardwired, then we may want to look for more rigorous retaining for individuals who cannot control their gambling. And investors should keep in mind that humans have an inherited bias to believe that if a stock goes up one day, it will continue to go up.”

Money, Monkeys and Greed

In another study, at the Yale New Haven Hospital, seven capuchin monkeys were used to see how they would interact with money. Keith Chen, a Yale economist, and Laurie Santos, a psychologist, wanted to see what would happen when monkeys were given money in many different situations. First, of course, they had to make the monkeys understand what money was. They creates silver discs that they introduced to the monkeys and they gave them the understanding that the discs were worth something. The monkeys eventually started to understand that they wanted these discs and that they could get them items like food. Next, each monkey was given 12 of the discs. The monkeys figured out that they could buy grapes and cucumbers with their coins. They were able to understand that when the grapes were on sale, it was worthwhile to buy these rather than the more expensive food.

Gambling with Monkeys and Money

Next, they turned their attention to gambling. The monkeys were given two situations that had the same outcome. Either they had one grape and, depending on the flip of a coin, would keep the grape or meme of monkey and cat as friends and that is bananas smpl81446get another one; or they started out with the two grapes and would either end up keeping two or losing one. The question was if the monkeys would prefer gambling with the idea of winning more or losing more. The monkeys showed, as do humans, that they preferred the idea of winning rather than losing – even though the end results were the same. This is not, interesting enough, what economic textbooks say will happen. They say that people treat both types of gambling in the same way. When these studies have been done with people, they find that the people make the same irrational conclusions that the monkeys made. They like the idea of being given something more rather than the idea of losing something – even if they end up with the same amount. This is called loss aversion and it’s actually quite similar, as Chen explains, to the stock-market.


All of these studies looked at similar ideas. First of all, they had the premise that the actions that the monkeys take can be translated to actions that humans take. And we’ve seen in many studies, and in many YouTube videos, that this is true. Monkeys have many qualities that mirror those of humans and that are similar when put in these situations. The researchers all wanted to see how the monkeys would do in situations that don’t follow logical patterns. What would they do when there wasn’t a reward for doing a certain activity, but the monkeys assumed there was a pattern? What would they do when the outcome of a situation was the same but one looked like they were being rewarded and one looked like they were being punished? The results of all of these studies were fascinating, and can certainly help researchers to make some interesting observations about gambling, about the psychology of investments and the stock market and more.

smpl81446 solution to monkey moon maze

Maze of Monkey Moon Solved | CLICK FOR LARGER

Certainly, these results can help researchers in many ways. All of the articles explained how the monkeys and their behavior could translate to human behavior. How do people react when they are watching a sporting event and gambling in it? What assumptions does the basketball player make about his ability to make the free throw, even if there aren’t necessarily guaranteed patterns. How do stock brokers approach their business and in what ways to other people buy into the premise that the stock brokers make? These results have far reaching consequences, many of which have financial consequences for people. And for these reasons, and many others, the results of the monkey and gambling studies are interesting and important. Of course,they help people to see how online casino gamblers approach their pokies games. But they also help psychologists and others to see what fallacies people often hold even when the evidence points them in an entirely different direction.

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Maze of Monkey Puppy Dog

monkey puppy dog maze

Maze of a Cute Puppy Dog Monkey | by Yanito Freminoshi | MAZE SOLVED HERE

Some people enjoy doing a crossword puzzle in the morning and other people enjoy watching television. Something that people have really started to enjoy lately is visual illusion art. Artists lie Yanito apple ad spoofFreminoshi, who comes from a small town near Tokyo, is making incredible optical art. These pieces include strong optical properties and they challenge the user to think in different ways and to really flex a mental muscle. The maze work of Yanito Freminoshi can be shared for editorial, educational, commercial and other purposes as well, but the work should be attributed to Yanito. And the solution can be offered as well, but no one should use the maze solution until they have really worked on the maze themselves and tried to solve it. Since Yanito put so much effort into the optical art, it’s great to try to put that effort into solving the works as well.